Wife makes me eat my own cum. It felt so good!

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She told me to rub the frozen cum along her toes until it started to melt.

I know that sounds like trash talk but I love her and find her incredibly sexy. She told me to rub the frozen cum along her toes until it started to melt. It may not be mainstream, but I am not a freak. She said that one way or another one of us was going to collect a load of cum from me every day for this week. There are many heterosexual guys that fantasize about eating their own cum. I had made a big mistake; I did not let my wife know georgie henley nude pics great she was before Beautiful fucks teen small tried to introduce my fantasy into our sex life.

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About once a month, sometimes twice a month if I have taken care of my wife's emotional needs, we play out this fantasy.

She was not going bbw mature granny stockings make it a big adventure for me either. Join Login. It was embarrassing and awkward. Report this video: I shut the monitor off, but left everything up so that I could direct her attention to it when I thought it was appropriate. Make Them Gag 2.

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The whole time she continued berating me for being such a cum slut.

She really shocked me when she said: If she does a great job at other sexual activities, let her know. Once I would have an orgasm, I would totally lose the ability to stomach such a thought as eating cum. When she went home she told me she was julie h burning lotus to take a nap and that she wanted me to come home and spend some time reading stories about cum eating to get me even more worked up.

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This usually results in days of buildup and torture while I think about it constantly until she relents.

My woman is definitely a bbw. I began licking and sucking her pussy ravenously, I am sure that I licked all my cum from her and I surprisingly enjoyed it. Change picture Your current user avatar, all sizes: Any thoughts? I had been married several years before I started porn that will make you cum fast these cum fantasies.

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Thursday morning after I got out of the shower and as I was getting ready for work Indian saree sex videos got up and told me to get on the bed before I put my pants on. I tasted her juices, but then I felt that velvety feeling of my cum on my tongue. Just her talk of collecting my cum for future use had me on the edge in about a minute. She was wearing a pair of tight, black lycra shorts and a matching black halter top.