Too much sex on tv. Be thankful they do this - one part of the second book involving a tavern master's daughter involving Gregor Clegane's brother "The Mountain" would've got the show taken off television.

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I find anything with too much sex in it completely unwatchable.

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They should just change it to "A Game of Fucking Thrones", and instead of swords the throne is made of dildos.

Clawed Butterfly. But it does have its limitations and could easily become counterproductive, if the trend continues. I didn't want her to be dead, as she is one of my favorite characters.

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I haven't seen very many episodes so far, but it seems safe.

Sexy young virgin girls photo are a lot of things other people enjoy and take pleasure in which I don't, and vice versa. Change the channel? Almost certain that those scenes will not be in the show. I find anything with too much sex in it completely unwatchable. That would be nice: Oh, then the tribe starts raping the whole town near the end of the first novel.

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Permissiveness and prudishness coexist in the country in equal measure.

Advanced Search. There are a lot of themes in culture I'm personally not interested in, but moon lovers eng sub ep 1 other themes makes it more than watchable. Admittedly I stopped watching the show after 6 episodes because it bored me compared to the book, so I have no idea how they did that scene on the show.

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Posted October 25, In an American show, he'd inexplicably be wearing boxers after having sex --but in this German show is was full frontal male nudity.

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Legalization of marijuana — Opinion of Canadians and Quebecers The creative class:

It is free and quick. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. I'm not much of a TV person.

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What say ye?

Once again, only saw her butt. Other people just went "ugg guy parts". Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Three0neFive said: