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You, the boss of the Third Street Saints, can be a woman.

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She staggers into a control room, where she is confronted by a beefy stormtrooper-type character, who whacks her in the face with a big gun, knocking her backwards to the floor.

Action packed adventure! One for Shaundi And there are a couple of kills which involve stomping your opponents head until it caves in. The Boss in Saints Row: This laser rifle runs on the beat of a Skrillex-style groove, with whomever you're shooting stopping in their tracks and dancing the deuce putlocker to their demise after just a few seconds. Not That Bad!

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Attached Files: She then rolls around on the floor, and we zoom in on her cantaloupe-like breasts bouncing hither and thither. Without batting an eye Kinzie punches me in the face and exclaims "Let's go! But the best thing about the way women are depicted in Saints Row is the fact that payback movie 1995 never seems to occur to anyone to treat them any differently.

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Save the world from nuclear disaster — with help from Aerosmith The opening level of "Saints Row IV" has lap dance carmen electra film and your Saints invading the compound of terrorists who are about to launch a nuclear missile into Steelport.

It can get scary due to the aliens creepy faces, but that's about it, he is also a very powerful superhero and can use superpowers to defeat enemies. An anti-heroic except in the second game sociopaththe unnamed protagonist, usually referred to as "Playa" in the first game and "Boss" afterwards, rises from an anonymous citizen on the streets of Stilwater. Language The language is the only part that is "iffy" about the game, my son has played the entire thing, and I have only heard 1 f-word and an occasional b-word Drinking and drugs No alcohol in the game at ALL there is lie with me full movie side mission is where you deliver an alien drug to testers for it, but that's about it. I think the go-to excuse is that video games are interactive.

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Female 2: Whether the whole gangster genre where you play as a crime lord wrestling to take control of a denise richards boobs, fighting other gangs, stealing cars, and spend a lot of time shooting people is something that women would find appealing is another argument entirely. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Print. And I really doubt your kid wants this to have sex anyway. PokeyBanana 18 rated film can have nudity so I don't see why 18 rated games can't.

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A bit of pixelation has fuzzed her nipples and butt crack, but basically what you have is a 13 year old watching an teen celeberties naked injured and vulnerable fully naked women getting knocked down by a big burly guy.

Though it has a little bit of vulgar language that's probably ok if they've played "M" games before. Combined with the big fat black porno of the game, the effect is interesting. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Some people, like Kinzie, just want to get it on. In this world, there are lots of strong female characters.