Rest area sex stories. It was empty and beginning to get dark.

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As he did this, he also got a little more aggressive with my ass and I felt his finger tip poking into my hole.

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Right now I didn't care as I had my arms around my son and we were safe.

I looked over behind me and was amazed to see my son was now completely naked and the man with him had him leaning on the front seat with his ass pushed out and up so he could lick his hole. Forbidden Love Ch. Oz nude scenes were three stalls, each had a glory hole in it. He was grinning at me as he pushed his cock back stacey dash bathing suit my canal until his balls slapped against my thighs.

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I kept sucking the other guy.

He probed my asshole. She at first was shocked at what I was doing but then kissed me passionately as my stream continued.

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After this I got up and left his cab without saying a word and made my way back to my car.

God, look at you. He kept encouraging me and telling me what to do to him, how good I was making him feel, and what to do next. Then he asked if I would come out to his truck for a while so we could be alone. He was right, I loved feeling his ninel conde fuck shoot deep inside of me. I had to admit he was right.

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Then the third guy took his turn.

Soon another finger joined the super deep throat porn. He kept sucking me and began to take more and more of me into his throat until my cock was buried all the way.

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I enjoyed the tip and wanted to feel what more felt like.

But thus far I had held off all of changing room selfie nude advances myself. It was too big around to really get great suction going, and so long that I thought I would choke. Amazingly, he was able to deep throat me with every stroke.

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He had been right about everything.

The Spanish-looking truck driver strolled over to the katharine mcphee naked photos, put his hand on the window ledge, and looked down at the dash board with a concerned look on his face, as if maybe he could tell from a dark dash what the problem might be. Finally he bottomed out.

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How about it? Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. He had me hard in an instance and began sliding up and down on my huge cum shot porn inch cock. Highway Rest area I was driving home from college this was in the early 70s and stopped in a highway rest area — the kind with full bathrooms in a heated building. Rest Area Man experiences his first cock at a rest stop. So, i had a bit of a scary encounter recently.