Redhead thanks for the add graphic comment. Mary Magdalene is always shown with copper hair cascading down her back; Clara Bow, the "It Girl" of Hollywood, had Titian hair, so did Rita Hayworth, who was a redheaded Gilda even in black and white.

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The women all started pointing at my daughter and talking rapidly.

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I recently watched the South Park season 9 episode entitled "Ginger Kids" which tactfully deals with the subject, but indicates the same prejudice occurs in the US.

You are here: Up those gingas! Kenneth Lissau 2 years ago The hair, and those eyes, breathtaking beyond words. Edwin Lesperance 2 years ago There are African redheads and Asian redheads as well.

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Your 4 children are all beautiful! Lib Dems. He was a blond. Nope I just picked up two kids on the side of the road. People ask the dumbest questions all the time! Marie Stanford 2 years ago Sadly, Mr.

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The word itself is not offensive.

We of the fellowship of the MC1R — the gene that is linked most strongly to red hair — can not only make adrenalin faster than those with other hair colours, our cells can access it more speedily, too. Funnily enough, my other two kids have dirty blond hair and people still are always saying that they also have red hair. I am in the UK. Around that time, we moved nude girl tattoo changed her schools. I have 2 girls with brown hair and my son has red. Should you expand your family more, be prepared for even worse comments.

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It seems our species is not the only one to find red hair attractive.

Your account is not active. I went to school brazil bang porn a girl who was of African descent. It's a private project. Not sure why that store, but that was always my answer. Unfortunately, out of 10 cousins my sister and I are brunette.

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The little blighters love us. I figure that one inappropriate comment deserves another, so I do it, but people do remember how you make them feel, naked horny fitness women if it can be done with humor and grace, people will feel like you let them down easy and laugh with you.