Ranma 1/2 christmas episode. Jun'ai Icchokusen " Japanese:

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The new Viz releases issued throughout and come in revised sets that are compiled in original production order and contain 23 episodes per set.

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This comment obviously angers Akane, who attacks Ranma and ties him to the tree before leaving.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Be more like your step sister continues to break multiple walls with the Bakusai Tenketsu, still trying to find the market. Akane gets separated from Ranma while they are shopping. Akane is slightly angered by Ranma's comment of tries to take the scarf off him, but Ranma avoids her grasp and puts around his neck. The Race of the Snowmen" Transcription: The pair then stand in silence as the snow slowly falls around them.

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Akane takes Kasumi to the balcony, where Nabiki and Ranma already are.

Back in the kitchen and Kodachi is spiking some of the drinks behind Ukyo and Shampoo's backs, so that she alone can have time with Ranma. Crazy Credits.

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Kuno hears this and asks Sasuke what did just say, this sends a shiver down Sasuke's spine who tells Kuno was just wondering if there'll be a band.

Mousse grabs Ukyo, believing teensexcouple gif to be Shampoo, and tells her they'd better get going, however, Shampoo throws a glass of water over Mousse and tells him she's busy cooking. Retrieved November 17, Tsubasa Kurenai cameo.