Paolla oliveira felizes para sempre. Danny says she will pass by to retrieve it.

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Buza tears the exam apart and says it won't make a difference who the father is.

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Susana Drummond [31] [32].

Retrieved 28 January Danny says she will pass by to retrieve it. He tells her that everything is over despite her threats and goes back to the party.

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Na Mira.

She puts the phone down and continues jogging. Daniela [38] [39] legend of queen opala scenes. Na Mira. Before playing, she removes her ring and places it on the piano. Dionisio tells Norma of his betrayal and asks her to forgive him, but she just leaves for her university.

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As he leaves, he is informed that his grandfather died.

Later, it is revealed that Joel promised an apartment to Denise if she gave tumblr asian amateur sex the files. Revista da TV. Correio Braziliense. Suzana tries to enter her house but finds out Joel has changed the locks. Joel is seen e-mailing the federal police the files Denise photographed. Denise takes Joel inside her car, where she shows him the dossier but takes it back at gunpoint, demanding him to leave.

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Later that night, he masturbates to the video he shot when he had sex with her on the floor.

Retrieved 6 October Retrieved 26 January At university at night, Norma follows Guilherme and finds him hooking up with another professor, unbeknownst to them.