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While we're on the topic, I didn't get a chance to ask last week during the discussion thread, but in the CR subs for Isekai Smartphone, there's a mention of "Feminism", and I was wondering if any Japanese speakers know whether that was an added molly parker nude scene, or part of the original script.

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It doesn't make ecchi fans look good.

I will admit, I had to look up "misogynistic" as I was thinking it was wild wife tumblr kind of sex due to the line after it. Hajimete no Gal, episode 7. He calls the 'customers' freaks and says they hate women The customers are freaks and they clearly do hate women. But the dub explicitly slanders erotic light novel readers. Why hate on what someone else enjoys lol. Yes, I dropped that bomb.

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It's really a shame that cristin milioti naked writes this crap into their scripts gives FUNimation such a bad name as a whole when they've been brimming with talent lately with other endeavors, such as pretty much everything Chris Sabat directs.

It's all about politics. It's like translating a French film into English and writing all of the dialogue in heavy Australian slang.

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It's like hiring a translator candice b nude pics a small tour of some non-touristy areas in a foreign country for mediocre pay and their boredom causes them to translate everything everyone says as actively hostile towards you.

In the end, these dub fans don't value the creative integrity of Japanese creators, and neither do they believe the translators for the dub should operate with any integrity either. I hated the Maid dragon line, but translation is fairly accurate to what the orginal was saying not that it should matter and fits with the dub as a selena green vargas. Do not post Hentai here. In the end, when the book day is cancelled, the manager's conclusion is: Its reaching cancer-on-funimation stages however.