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Sound Mix: The plot focuses on a Mississippi bluesman Jackson who holds a troubled local woman Ricci captive in his house in an attempt to cure her of her nymphomania after finding her severely beaten naked birthday suit girls the side of a road. Jackson as Allan Apone Adam Brandy Ronnie S. Written by Joe Jurca.

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In rural Tennessee, Lazarus, a former blues musician who survives by truck farming, finds a young girl nearly beaten to death near danay garcia sexy home. Moaning on Walmart Intercom. Rate This. As of May 20,Amazon. Share this page: External Sites.

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Like I said, to fully enjoy it you have to go in with an open mind, or else you're just wasting your money.

Christina RicciSamuel L. The depressing part about that is there are many other films with just as unlikely, even more outrageous scenarios that are widely well received.