Leela and amy wrestling. The two main female characters, Turanga Leela and Amy Wong, are one of the main reasons I love the show so much.

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It gets pretty tiring.

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Christena Rocha. After the fight, Abner decides to offer Mocha uson movies and Leela a place in the Butterfly Derby, as they are constantly looking for 'fresh blood', to which Amy and Leela agree. Kif's parents notice that Fry smells awful, with Fry admitting to it and deciding to take a shower. Well, it's not right to make my dead pet an exhibit. They then begin fighting the two other girls, with Leela commenting that this is what she has expected.

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Cancel Save. Synopsis Edit Amy and Leela's performance in a sport called Butterfly Derby is enhanced when they become addicted to a nutritional supplement known as Nectar. Single Female Lawyer - Futurama. This is faze adapt leaked sex tape I feel about Futurama right now. I am one of many Simpsons fans who had to give up watching the series, as it became unrecognizable from the groundbreaking and brilliant satire that I loved.

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At any rate, Leela and Amy run out of Nectar, and travel to the planet where it was sourced.

Amy then comments on the boots Leela was wearing, causing Fry to make cat-like noises. Cookie Policy. The Professor: