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Fox released a second promo of Thirteen doing the deed with a lady friend, but when the episode aired, it had been scaled back to a blip of tangled lips.

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Anything someone can think up on their own will be much more gratifying than what we actually had to watch.

Tegan and Sara, The L Word, and you. Bette, Bette, Bette. Browse more videos.

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Gizmodo Earther.

BANG Showbiz. Wait, do you mean to whom are we more attracted? And the show grossly oversimplified trans issues in its later seasons. Im almost tempted to write all book about what went on. Oh well.

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I was convinced that a hot lesbian art teacher would have sex with me.

Rewatch Worthy Favorite "Love" Scenes. BTW if anyone is interested, I think I can dig out the scripts of the prison scenes the way they were originally written, so you can judge its potential awesomeness for yourselves. I think I just spent the entire day in bed clicking on super deepthroat with mods hyperlink on this page — and then going back. Of course, the idea that you can just check off a bunch of boxes to determine whether someone is gay or not is silly and binary-reinforcing, but the writers cover their tracks there by allowing the mission to fail. Bette, Bette, Bette.

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Maybe I can come guest blog or vlog or something?

OMG that Jenny and Niki scene. Tibette was the best part of the show. If only Angela Robinson would have been allowed to take over from Chaiken for season 6. Which sex scene? Oh well. She got laid by the hottest DJ in town!