I love kicking guys in the balls. She will think you're a wimp.

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Good thing only men are in high positions so no need to worry about that.

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I wish girls didn't know about our naked spread spot and this post is not helping.

Dang you know guys also go for your pussy or boobs or hair that's would I would do. No matter younger or older guys, they would look so helpless as we castrate them.

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We're telling you.

Several required surgery. The answers to these questions, and more, are included in the enclosed nothing: Robbo Spy.

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She will think you're a wimp.

Well I have a fetish for being kicked in the balls by girls, xopartygirl if you want some fun kicking balls I am the one. Yeah me too. It's very dangerous to a man. I was nervous about putting my full weight on him, but he seemed to be just fine.

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No one knows about our little punishment sessions with my brother who would blab.

He's so cute. Then, try to kick a watch pumpkinhead 2 between the legs, you will be like an idiot. So true! T-Love74 Member Nov 23, I am kind of scared of you tho. The power girls have over boys is so great.

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Her name was Delilah and she was a hottie.

I've never actually experienced it and I really want to. And what if I just take it and kick you back?

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She has totally abused you! Sometimes I accidentally sit on them but that's it. He actually came! I live in manchester I'd love to castrate boys of all ages, they each have their own perks!