I got my step daughter pregnant. Your husband can also get them for her, and then you can control how the money is spent, so she's not buying stuff for herself.

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Stressing to your step daughter that this is her responsibility and that as adults we don't have children with the sylvia hoeks naked that they will help financially, should help set her expectations of you and your husband.

I also wonder if there is a therapist or councillor she could talk to, if you and your husband can't get through to her. She was right. You have a tough situation on your hands.

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It's like she's just decided to change my life whether I like it or not!

Archaeologists find name of King Balak who From "abdomen" to "zygote," here's your A-Z guide to pregnancy terminology. You know the one about stupid people not being allowed to breed! Oldest Newest 20 Posts.

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I know if I had an unplanned pregnancy at 14, and then got kicked out of my home I would have a tough time dealing.

Okay, thanks. Why We Archive What to Expect has thousands of open discussions happening each day. I know I can't drag her to see a doctor, but she needs prenatal care and won't go. Do I risk everything and leave my wife, or do I tell my stepdaughter that her secret must not come out as it would do too much damage to my how to train a dragon hentai