How to become a sissy tumblr. So use the vibrator while playing with your clitty until you cum, and just like before do this ten times, remember to space these sessions out!

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Part 3 - Anal Training Part 1.

Oh yes! After all, being a fucked by another man is the lowest point for a sissy, and nothing turns her on more.

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If you do choose to sleep in it, I would strongly recommend you bad your crouch with something to avoid pain.

By far the most intimidating to aspiring sissies. Pineapple juice will make your semen taste sweet!

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Anal Training Part 2.

Part 3 - Anal Training Part 1 Hello once again to all of my sissy followers! Whereas almost always, the average cum load tastes very salty, fingering through panties juice will drastically change the flavor.

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A little more feminine than the ones above.

Remember to be safe with your anal training and take it slow! Whereas almost always, the average cum load tastes very salty, pineapple juice will drastically change the flavor. Stay in the present. Martha higareda nudography off using your dildo once a day for a week, than start increasing the usage so you can do it up to three times a day.

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Now some of you japanese hotties already have started playing around with putting things in your boi pussy.

Congratulations Sissies! We love them.

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Now regarding the key, if you have a Daddy or mistress, which I doubt most of you aspiring sissies have already, obviously you would give it to them.

You want to eat your cum! Like I said the sooner you get accustomed and even start craving the taste of cum, the sooner you can move on to the virginia tech girls fucking fun stuff! Where do I start? I recommend just getting a simple silicone enema bulb. We love them Rules: Stay tuned for my next lesson.

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I so desperately want to be a sissy fag.

Next we have the bikini. So let me help you! Usually they come with three butt plugs of different sizes. Stay tuned for my next lesson. Back-Zip Jeans 2.