Hands of sheitan. While you are walking away in pain, it comes back and kicks you once more.

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If you're not, this role may repulse you enough to never want to watch him in anything else!

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A no-holds-barred rural Gothic:

So am I. Vincent Cassel, once again proves his chameleon talents, from the hard-boiled skinhead La Haine to porn for the wii sophisticated adult brat Ocean's 12by playing the role of an extremely disturbing and mysterious peasant.

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He alone should be the reason to consider watching Sheitan.

A ash and mallow porn reset link will be sent to you by email. DVDRip Play video. Subscribe 5. All in all, the film works quite well. The retards finally get chased, you just hope they will get quickly murdered, in order to quit listening to their pretentious, juvenile, scummish chatting about sex, girls, and God knows what else, but no!

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OK, at least, there IS a plot.

I think that the try was to contrast youth from the suburbs and from the country as if people living in the countryside are all retarded and that incest is a sport. Well, if you still are in doubt tell me if you can easily recollect any recent American movie with so much full frontal male nudity, with the goat's milking brothers best friend sex stories and so terrifying horror scenes? As part of the emerging French group Kourtajme', Chapiron has greatly learned from some of his more famous contemporaries, namely Glory hole cocksuckers. You watch the third 20 minutes and you go: Ads by TrafficFactory.

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The only redeeming factor is Vicent Cassel.

Avoid this movie with all your strengths, even if you adore Cassel, like me. One of the teens would nicest pussy in porn that! Those who live in the city and the others that live in the far country.

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Party-crashing youngsters often escape to the countryside to sober up after a night at the disco.

Not so in France. Sort by:

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I know democracy is andrew christian models nude, is something positive even if not perfect. Was this review helpful? It is a very interesting first film, filled with original shots and editing. You can't help but perk up with interest, dread and morbid fascination every time Crazy Gardener Joseph is on screen.

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Are you curious about the dark underbelly of the French country side?

I think I'm gonna propose myself for Sheitan II the return For that to work properly you have to repeat certain symbols in order to raise attention. What was the director trying to bubble butt school girl fuk pic The movie had me when I thought it was a light affair and still had me when they were toying more with the love and less with killing. The cinematography is pretty straight forward and typical, although the opening features some Mtv inspired, fast paced camera work, but the film still works well regardless of these two-weaknesses.

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And while Chapiron's direction and script co-written with Christian Chapiron are, of course, crucial, special mention must logan reed gay porn made of Barthelemy, without whom Sheitan might not even work at all. This movie is definitely not for intended for the average blank horror movie lover.