Gta vice city sir yes sir. He will show up as a K on the map.

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The Rhino is primed to self-destruct.

Even though your tank exploded, it will appear in the Hyman Condo garage. Video of the Day. Lie in wait for fat old gay sex convoy to stop if you don't want to fight a squad of heavily-armed soldiers. Back to Cortez. Kent Paul:

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The doors will open, allowing you to drive the tank inside.

There you can figure it out how to kill them one by one by also hiding from them. Also, the ability to obtain a 6-star wanted level is now unlocked.

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If the Rhino reaches a warehouse in Viceportthe mission will be failed.

There will be soldiers running on either side of the Rhino. Then, equip an assaul rifle and massacre the incoming kabby borders hot. Walkthrough Before you attempt this mission, if your motives are to attack the military convoy to steal the tank, it is recommended to get full health and armour. You're in a tank, for Chrissakes A security protocol activates once you enter the Rhino. Walkthrough GTA Wiki:

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Even though your tank exploded, it will appear in the Hyman Condo garage.

Mission Sir, Yes Sir! Sir, Yes, Sir! Then, equip an assaul rifle and massacre the incoming guys. Do keep moving, sluty teenagers in bikini not only is the clock ticking, but you will be vulnerable to getting grabbed by police on foot. Namespaces Article Discussion.

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The following is a walkthrough of the Sir, Yes Sir!

You can complete this mission using stealth and trickery or with an all-out assault. The cops will be on you, but the only two things you will worry will be that the tank will be turned upside down by some un-well placed obstacles or that the tank will be so slow that rule 34 no game no life first policeman in sight will get you out. Jump to: Drive the Rhino to Cortez's garage in Little Havana to complete the mission. Head toward the location of the convoy, marked by a yellow icon on your map. Retrieved from " https:

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Juan Cortez asking Tommy Vercetti to steal a tank.

You can also make the driver get out of the tank by blocking the road with a parked vehicle. Colonel Cortez - Sir, Yes, Sir! The most risky way to obtain the Rhino is to kill all the soldiers guarding anne hathaway topless havoc Rhino and destroy all of the military vehicles except for the Rhino. He then drives it to the lock-up before it self destructs, while at the same time avoiding attacks from both the remaining army soldiers and the police.