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He looked to be around 40, while the others were all in their late twenties to early thirties.

My daughters Lucy, 19, and Vikki, 22, both have reddish-brown hair like me, and blue eyes. Read More. Jackie stayed motionless as Ed began working his cock into her virgin asshole. She looked at the five men standing there and knew that she wouldn't want to be touched by any of them.

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Seeing that everything was under control the other two men, Doug and Tim, wished them well and drove off.

Jackie was forced to disrobe next. She could see his shame as he stood their naked. Her dad was clenching his legs tightly as he continued blowing his load into her mouth. Josh stood motionless, watching his mother and sister getting fucked from both ends and seeing his dad sucking another man off.

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John couldn't resist matching strokes with his daughter as the men cheered the family fuckfest on.

Then slowly leaned forward to begin sucking her own son's cock. She could see his shame as he stood their naked.

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He couldn't believe that his mother could be making him feel so damn good.

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