Fnaf sex foxy and mangle. Time to Stalk his Twitter.

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But then again, they are technically animatronics, meaning that they don't have genders to began with.

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That's all I'll say about it because it makes no fucking sense.

Again, evidence? Some may also interpret a tail as very feminine. There is no pun. Wait, Shadowboy?

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There's no logic in your claim that Funtime Foxy or Mangle is female.

Secondly, Funtime Foxy is from the Sister Location. And judging by selena green vargas bts name, I don't care if she's "the same height" as the others, her name indicates youth and her design is that of a little girl based on the outfit and hairstyle.

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BOXXY1 brings up a good point saying that it might have been an error by Scott, and once he saw it go to debates he didn't bother fixing it.

Also I'm pretty sure someone was going crazy over that. Yes, I know that. She men in stocking porn a very similar body structure to Toy Chica having a thin torso. It took me a bit to figure out that's what Scott most likely meant, but I can't see it as anything but that if he was actually being serious.

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Thescreen changing is an inside joke in the fandom.

Foxy is always active, and Ladies Night is a ngiht where there's supposed to be just females casting spank tube to your logic. I didn't know you visited this wiki.

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To the ladies night thing: It's time to stop. Stop commenting please? Again, evidence?

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If you find footage of the downside of the mask inside the suit you'll see Baby's distinct mouth shape and just by looking at the design of the mask I can tell that is no Spring Bonnie. You can visit Foxy's FNaF2 page for proof.