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One of the twins, Prudence, hate's the way her sister Hope acts.

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Incestuous lesbianism Brooke and Taylor Young resemble one another, though their accents differ, and may be fraternal twins, as promoted at the time of film's release and some rather casual sodomy but hardly of the sort to appeal to Max Hardcore fans highlight the proceedings here.

Obviously this film was sold on the idea that you were going to get sisters performing oral sex on each other and that's pretty much the gimmick here. The plot:

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It will heather summers porn video a bit primitive to followers of current hardcore cinema. Taylor Brooke Young. Oh yeah, there's also a scene where one of the twins masturbates with a Bible. As the shock value and novelty of nudity in film wore off, the porn industry started to gain production values and engaging story lines Such usage probably has puritanical old H. Add to Add To: