Breath of the wild zeldas ass. Judging by Sheik, OoT's certainly did.

25.04.2018 JoJojind

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Mod makers MelonSpeedruns, SushiiZ, and Silentverge have really knocked the proverbial Bokoblin out of the park and off a cliff and into a river thousands of feet below.

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Billysan Billysan 2 years ago 9 Even Fi wants a piece of that ass. The Legend of Zelda: I agree, sorry Mipha, but you simply cannot compare.

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Breath of the Wild Stories.

Breath of the Wild Stories. Whoa, I didn't see that 6th picture before.

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Etika would like this thread.

Where is Zelda in this game? Already a memeber? Was the unboxing of the original legend of zelda the best zelda experience?