Anime girls in bathing suits. Unfortunately, the general election is limited to current residents of Japan only.

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So those are our top 10 anime girls in swimsuits, from cute and sexy to blatantly ecchi and barley contained.

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There are 85 entries in all, from a total of 35 games and 22 companies.

Here are some anime swimsuit shots - some cute, some sexy, some hilarious - that are sure to take you to the tropical paradise that you can't help but fantasize about puerto rican booty porn this cold winter season. Often criticized by naysayers, these scenes are for the fan service junkies, those of us who would never pass up on an opportunity to see our best girl, at her best. Dengeki Online.

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Asuna Yuuki takes a dip in the pool after escaping the Sword Art Online's digital battlefield.

School Idol Project We still have a long time to go before summertime. An otaku through and through, Konata is overjoyed that she can still enjoy this symbol of Japanese childhood.

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For Riko Matsumoto, she accessorizes her anime bikini with a commander's hat resembling Erwin Rommel's.

So as to bring some order to the madness, we have group porn pics a list of some of the best swimsuit scenes out there, so that you can check them out. Ai Nanasaki wins the award for having the most practical anime swimsuit. Trackbacks There are no trackbacks yet. Waifu Meaning. Asuka is sure sasuke sakura porn to hear that she can't go on the class trip to Okinawa, especially after spending so long picking out a swimsuit with her crush, Kaji.

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Even so, Takeo doesn't mind showing off his hot body and sexy anime swimsuit at the beach every once in a while.

Krista Rogers Aug 14, Tweet. RSS Feed. The usually timid bassist Mio Akiyama looks stunning in her anime bikini. Top 10 Hottest Anime Girls of Spring

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The pool scene itself includes some great slow-mo shots and downward angles, as well as lasting for almost the entire episode, giving us plenty of time to enjoy the view.

Even so, Takeo doesn't mind showing off his hot body and sexy anime swimsuit at the beach every once in a while. The wrap around her waist adds a hint of modesty, as well.